Hotel Lomnica

Enjoy High Tatras at full blast
Webdesign Development Event Campaigne
Luxury Hotel Lomnica situated at the same place as our brand project Selaví is. Hotel had website which was only 1 year old but it wasn’t user friendly at all. Not for visitors not even in backend. The owner requested us for creating new website design and we were happy to do it! The result is matchless with old version of hotel website.
  • About Project
  • Eye catching design with user friendly interface. Website is still in progress and we are working hard on make it right.
  • Project Brief
  • Make it user friendly! Simple, nice and luxury such as Hotel Lomnica is. (And we did it such in this way.)
  • Client
  • Hotel Lomnica
  • Industry
  • Accomodation provider
  • Services
  • Web Design and Web Development
You love this clear design, don’t you?
We said simple, nice and luxury at the beginning. Honestly we did not expect so amazing match with those three words and we highly recommend this agency to everybody who wants useful and attractive website