C’est la vie
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Exclusive wine store situated in the northern part of Slovakia, in the hearth of mountains called High Tatras. This wine store belongs to luxury Hotel Lomnica in village Tatranská Lomnica.
  • About Project
  • The first of all was important for us to create strong brand identity capable to communicate client’s perceptions. More important was to meet expectations of customers in terms of quality, reliability and create trust and loyalty in this brand. Name Selaví is Slovak phonetic script of French saying: C’est la vie (That’s life) what is claim of this brand. In Slovak language we can say that Name and Claim of brand create nice play of words.
  • Project Brief
  • To render thoughtful mood what you have while drinking wine and looking at beautiful countryside through the visual identity of brand. To create naming reffering to wide range of wine tastes and life tastes as well! The whole idea is: All that matters is to enjoy the life. Important hint was situating wine stores to different environment for example historical hotel building and also modern shopping mall. Web design of Selaví heed to space what is the main key from flow to readibility. It meets the rules of simple navigation and obvious CTA buttons.
  • Client
  • No name at the beginning
  • Industry
  • Wine store
  • Services
  • Brand Identity, Art Direction, Design, Web Development
First impressions are key and we opened the door to functional, aesthetically powerful website what visitors appreciate.
This agency did a great job! We got several designs of branding and it was really hard to decide. But at the end we chose the right identity for us and ours customers. We love our website which can't be more intuitive!