Ars in vinum, vinum in arte
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Exclusive wine producer of Slovak wine. We created brand identity connected to art, history and soul of the brand.
  • About Project
  • It was challenge for us to create eye-catching design for wine bottles connected with history and with elements of modernism. But we made it! Website has the same soul as wine has and it’s obvious. The overall clear look and feel of ViaJur website is the first thing visitors will notice and like.
  • Project Brief
  • Creating modern brand identity based on historical facts. Everything has to have a reason not even wine bottles, also each element of website. The main hint was to materialize history of epoch-making family - Pálffy.
  • Client
  • No name at the beginning
  • Industry
  • Wine producer
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  • Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Event
Euripides said: “Where is no wine there is no love”.
What do you think? Do we love our design?
Totally in love with the result of branding of our wine. It is as great as this wine is and that’s what really matters. We wanted to see real spirit of our vineculture and we only can say we couldn’t be more satisfied.